Almost NOTHING brings out the Lil’ Gary in me like candy apples.

I rediscovered them this past weekend, thanks so much to Aunt Mahalia’s Candies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If you haven’t tried one, TRY ONE. As soon as you are done reading this. I have a couple of favorites:

… The candy apple with caramel and pecans… (or were they walnuts? Aunt Mahalia would know.) All I know is, it were tasty. Real tasty….

THEN there’s the Caramel Apple With Chocolate And Pecans (or Walnuts?) Oh no, I didn’t! Oh yes, I did!  Both were awesome choices! Did I mention that these were both JUMBO sized? Almost as big as a softball! Every bite was yummy!

So, how do you eat a candy apple? Well, Lil Gary wrote a poem about it, just so happens.

Yep, you definitely have to munch a candy apple. In fact, it helps to use both hands to eat it. One hand grips the stick firmly. The other hand holds the back of the apple firmly, and presses it quite forcefully into your teeth. It won’t hurt, and it’s really the only way. Think of James Cagney in Public Enemy with that grapefruit, only you do that to yourself. And it’s an apple, not a grapefruit. And you might not want to force it into the side of your face. But besides that. If anyone knows a better way to eat a candy apple, please let me know.

A final word of caution. Pre-packaged store-bought candy apples will simply not do. My faithful secretary, Anita Fajita purchased some of these….

Trust me, these “Happy Apples” are happiest left in their package. You’ll be happier that way, too. Anita Fajita threw this package away after a single munch. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t settle for anything less than the original. Please let me know where YOU found the BEST candy apple, and how you ate it! I look forward to hearing from you, if I can hear anything over all that munching and crunching!

See you soon!

POSTED ON October 8, 2012 BY Gary Applegary

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