“Where did THIS guy COME FROM?”

Admit it, that’s what you’re asking yourself. Well, do you like multiple choice? We hope so; because we are going to  let you figure it out… (Then maybe WE will know also.)

A) The Circus

Hmm, yes, perhaps instead of running away to JOIN the circus, Gary Applegary is a circus escapee. Quite possible! Or the zoo, maybe? Or perhaps…

B) Mars!

So who says it had to be MARS? Maybe it was some other planet out there. Or maybe Gary Applegary came from:

 C) THESE two!


Indubitably, Gary’s Mom and Dad are responsible for his sense of humor; and yes, that’s who YOU, the readers, have to blame for the wackiness you are currently (albeit voluntarily, aha!) subjecting yourself to.

Gary Applegary lives in sunny-then-stormy-then-sunny again Florida, with his wife and co-conspirator Julie Truly Everlove, where they collaborate in love, life, and mischief.

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