If you’re like me… Wait. Really? You can’t be!

Okay, if you HAVE SIMILAR TASTES, then… you LOVE ketchup. You put it on everything. You put ketchup on your ketchup; in fact, you have a t-shirt that says that.

So naturally, on those rare occasions (wink!) that you eat French fries, you naturally have a lot of ketchup (or your sauce of choice; mine is… ketchup) on them.

This is where my invention comes in! This is what it looks like, roughly:


Hey, I did say “ROUGHLY.”

So, the idear here, is a special French fry box that accomplishes two things:

1) It stands up your fries! Great! Now the folks at your local fast food establishment of choice can put even more food on your tray! Plus, your fries aren’t spilling all over the tray that hasn’t been cleaned in, well, who knows.

2) You have an ultra-convenient KETCHUP RESERVOIR right there on the side of the fries! No more juggling little tiny cups of ketchup (You probably need at least 17) and spreading them out all over the place.

I’m sure there’s more superpowers that this invention has, they just haven’t been tapped into yet. Perhaps when it is manufactured, our collective brains will discover even more greatness about it!

That’s all for now, keep dip dip dee dip dip dipping!

POSTED ON September 13, 2014 BY Gary Applegary

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