Not Monkey Survey

Voice That Sounds Suspiciously Like A Monkey: “Ring, ring!”

Man Answering Phone: “Hello?”

NOT Monkey: “Not Monkey speaking. What you wanted?”

Man: “Um. YOU called ME.”

Not Monkey: “Okay. What you want?”

Man: “Hmm.”

(Not) Monkey: “Okay, Survey Time! You like bananas.”

Man: “What kind of survey… Okay. NO. No, I do not like bananas.”

Monkey: “You like bananas.”

Man: “Listen, I just ANSWERED that question!”

Monkey: “Not question. You LIKE bananas. Good.”

Man Who Is Getting A Bit Flustered: “I DON’T like bananas, and I DON’T like phone surveys!”

Monkey: “Me either. One more question.”

Man, With Hint of Resignation: “I’m waiting…”

Monkey: “Why you called me?”

Man’s Phone: CLICK!

Monkey: “Hello?”

Fling! Fling!

POSTED ON March 17, 2014 BY Gary Applegary

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