Clown Nose


When you are funny

You can’t hide it, it shows!

Your funny’s just as obvious

As the face on your nose.


You’re zany! You’re witty!

You’re sappy! You’re silly!

Always amusing!

Always? Yes, really!


Keeping everyone in stitches,

Rolling in the aisles.

You’re dishing out punchlines,

And chuckles, and smiles.


But, if you’re a funny

Guy or a gal

Working the crowd

I’ve got news for you, pal.


When you are funny,

It can be rough.

Because you can never be

Funny enough.


Some people think that

The switch is always turned on.

But sometimes it’s there,

And sometimes it’s gone.


You make others laugh.

But all the while,

It’s you that you’re trying

To get to smile.


When you are funny,

It’s giggles and grins only.

It can be difficult.

It can be lonely.


You try to hide

The dark side of you.

Hoping that humor

Won’t let sorrow through.


But you understand

What it means to be down.

And “Tracks Of My Tears.”

And “Tears Of A Clown.”


When you are funny,

Some will treat you like dirt.

Like you don’t have feelings,

Like you can’t be hurt.


They resent your smile!

They envy your spirit!

It’s them with the problem.

But that’s not how you hear it.


In front of your mirror,

You stare in the sink.

I just cannot do it,

Each day, you think.


But the show must go on,

And so must you, too.

So, day after day,

You do what you do.


Some people will sense

What you’re trying to hide.

See through that exterior

To the somber inside.


They will sympathize, empathize,

Understand you.

Hug those folks; you need it

Just as much as they do.


When you are funny,

You’ve just got to be fun!

You’ve just got to realize

That your work’s never done.


So give them their laughs,

Their giggles, their grins.

Pull yourself together,

Because the next show begins…




POSTED ON August 15, 2014 BY Gary Applegary

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