The town population of warm Treasure Shore

Is small, but it used to be quite a bit more.  

Then a huge angry shark terrorizing the beach

Started snatching and snapping up all within reach.  

All sizes, shapes and colors of people he ate,

A person-eating shark does not discriminate.

The first victim had just left the barber shop,

He got more than a little taken off the top.

The math teacher decided to go for a swim,

Fractions were all that were left of him.

A visiting starlet stayed out of the water,

It was curtains for her when the shark still got her.

Every day, everywhere, all over the town,

Folks were getting slurped up, and then swallowed down.

In their cars, in their offices, in their bathrooms, even

Nobody was safe from being shark-eaten.

The shark was huge and hungry, and mad.

The future of Treasure Shore looked mighty bad.

The consensus was, at City Hall,

Something had to be done before he got us all.

Saturday, when it seemed that the shark was done eating,  

The Mayor called the townspeople together for a meeting.

“As I stand in the sand,” he said, “This very day,

I won’t rest ‘til I’ve driven that monster away!”

“We’ll ambush the streets, the ocean, the shore,

Until that shark is all gone,” the Mayor swore.

No sooner had the man finished his speech

We were minus a Mayor out there on the beach.

We heard a whoosh and a gulp and a splash,

The shark had come and gone in a flash.

Eagle-eyed Ernie, the lifeguard cried,

“You won’t believe what I just spied!”

Just above the shark’s gaping maw he saw

A poking protruding plastic drinking straw.

And we all realized that the shark’s smarting nose,

Was the cause of his anger, and the source of our woes.  

Ernie said, “Fear not, I shall swim right out

And I’ll get the straw out of the shark’s snout!”

He wasn’t kidding. Splash! He was gone

He still had his whistle and his sunglasses on.

He paddled out quickly to save the day,

The shark sort of snorted and headed his way.  

They met in the water with a kind of a splat,

Ernie plucked out the straw, and it seemed that was that.  

With a bellow of relief, and a frothy commotion,

The huge shark swam out at full speed to the ocean.

The crowd at the beach let loose a roar,

And cheering we all rushed out onto the shore.

Though Ernie saved the day and the town from attack,

Just his whistle washed up, he would never come back.

For as soon as the straw from his nose was unstuck,

The shark put an end to poor Ernie’s luck.

Ernie’s a hero, but it’s true what they say,

A shark is a shark at THE END of the day.

POSTED ON October 11, 2021 BY Gary Applegary

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