Today I listened to “That’s Why God Made The Radio,” and for the most part, that’s exactly right. This album is full of lush, beautiful harmonies and the reminder that the Beach Boys have refused to grow up. I mean that in the best way possible.

The album ended with an incredible suite that was as beautiful as it was morose. It brought tears to my eyes. But I found myself disagreeing with the sentiment.

“Summer’s gone… Summer’s gone away… Gone away… With yesterday,” Brian Wilson asserts. Say it ain’t so, Brian. You promised us ENDLESS summer. I am holding you to it.

You tried to say this before, in a disjointed way, in yesteryear’s haunting “Surf’s Up.” You were really saying “Time’s up.” But I didn’t believe you then, and I don’t believe you now. I can’t afford to. I need to believe there’s still more.

I wrote a song in reply to you, Mr. Wilson. I believe, and I think you do too, deep inside, that it is always summer somewhere. And as far as I’m concerned, it always will be.





It’s summer somewhere.

Sandy shores and salty air.

Close your eyes and you are there

Not a worry, not a care.


Waves and rays and a cloudless sky

Bright warm days that never die.

You’ll be there and so will I

We’ll never have to say goodbye.



I heard what Mr. Wilson said,

The words went round and round in my head.

Perhaps I’m a fool to disagree,

Maybe it’s something he didn’t see.


Summer’s not gone, it never was.

It’s been right here with all of us.

It’s here to stay and that’s the truth,

Endless summers, endless youth.




The sun is millions of miles away,

But summer’s here and here to stay.

It hasn’t left, it never does.

It lives on just like the rest of us.


The sunset flickering in the skies

Is just the prelude to sunrise.

A circle going round and round

To which each heart and soul is bound.





Thank you so much for the music and the inspiration, Brian! I wish you and The Boys the very best!

“Love and mercy,”

Gary Applegary Kadlec




POSTED ON June 7, 2012 BY Gary Applegary


  1. Jude and Tucker Maxwell on June 30, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    that is a beautiful poem/song and so true. I agree that summer is a wonderful time, full of hope and promises. Endless summer is something I always longed for and dream about. What I really need is an end to winter. I am fine with the rest of the seasons.

    Keep on writing the poignant, beautiful, thought provoking words that keep us coming back for more my friend.

  2. Cecile Garcia on August 2, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Nice poem, Gary. 🙂

    • Gary Applegary on August 2, 2012 at 4:47 pm

      Thank you; I appreciate it! After further review, I really dig the song “Summer’s Gone,” and I totally get the feeling Mr. Wilson was going for. Still, we can dream! Thanks for the support!

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