Feeling bored? Got nothing to do?

Why not take a trip to the Zanimal Zoo?


All kinds of strange creatures live there,

Like the toeless toad, and the hairless hare.


The zanimals are all ready for show.

Get in your cage and off you go.


The APPLEEATER’S odd looking, I suppose.

Its tail’s not half the length of its nose.


It can reach the fruit at the top of the trees,

Just look out if one starts to sneeze.


No zanimal’s quite as popular as the BANANA EEL.

Everyone just loves it; it really has appeal!


CENTIPOSSUM is quite awesome.

A hundred teeth! Just watch it floss ‘em!


See the befuddled fur-feathered DOGUCK.

He doesn’t know whether to qark or to buck.


The ELETREE is a sight to see!

No branches has he, but trunks, has three!


The FLYING FRONG is chasing flies,

It zaps them with its sticky eyes.


Ever had to go without?

The GORFLER snorts without a snout!


The HOVERHORSE is hard headed, of course.

It thunks into walls, windows, and doors.


The ICE CUB is cool; his fur is like felt.

He stays in cold water so he doesn’t melt.

People crackers make tasty treats

To this JUBBLEJUM with a dozen feets.


Mama KIFFLE has a kite for a tail.

Just see how she and her kiffle kids sail.


Look at that – a LIZARBEE!

Like nothing else you’ll ever see!


Half insect, half reptile.

Watch him chase his tail a while.


MILLIMIRD! She never rests!

A thousand eggs in a hundred nests!


The NUVVERUVVER never ever gets enough.

Two mouths can eat a lot of stuff.


The OORAGNAK hops backwards.

See it? Boing! Boing! Boing!


Good thing it has eyes on the back of its head,

So it can see where it’s going!


Look who’s standing over there!

The fine upstanding PILLAR BEAR!


The QUIPPLE is good to put to use;

You can open cans with its big front tooths!


Next lets stop beside the lake.

Check out the tidy lake RAKESNAKE!


SPACE SMUNKEY seem a little out of place?

Of course! He’d rather be in space!


THUNGS are looking up here – oh my!

They just love staring at the sky.


The UNHUMMINGBIRD never makes a sound,

It’s hard to know when one’s around.


VUMBURGER is always on the run,

Doing its best to stay off of a bun.


WATERWORMS just love the aquarium,

But they’re just as happy if you bury ‘em.


XNARKY doesn’t like company.

His breath is bad – let’s let him be.


YUKYAK is looking for a snack.

He eats anything! Better stand back.


That’s all the ZANIMAL ZOO to show.

Goodbye! Back to Earth you go.




Can’t wait to see this illustrated? Submit your own rendition of any of the Zanimal’s listed and let’s see what we can zoo!




POSTED ON January 25, 2012 BY Gary Applegary


  1. sandy pfahlert on January 25, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    WOWOWOOOWOWOWOOWOWOOOWOOWOOWOOWOO=======seems pretty zoflic to me!!!! Hope all goes well with the zooanimals!!!!!!

  2. Gary Applegary on January 26, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Glad you enjoyz it!

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