Okay. You’ve probably got a pencil and some paper somewhere. And some crayons, maybe. Or markers. Colored pencils? They’ll do. Here’s what I would love from you! 

I am about to debut my new story, “Fibbety Frog.” It tells the story of Sally Frog, who mischieviously disobeys her parents, Phineas and Polly Frog. Hopefully everything will turn out okay.

SO… get your art supplies and let’s draw a frog! I know you can! Send me your drawing of Sally, Polly, Phineas, or any frog on the pond, and we’ll have a cute little gallery of all the submitted work. Sound good? Okay then! Send your frog pics to, and don’t worry, I won’t sell your work for a huge profit without you knowing about it. This is just for froggy fun! Keep watching for the submitted work, and then, coming soon, “Fibbety Frog!” 

Thanks, and have a froggy day! 

Gary Applegary

P.S. My version of Sally Frog is above to inspire you, hopefully.

POSTED ON September 19, 2011 BY Gary Applegary


  1. sandy pfahlert on September 24, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    Wish I could draw…….I’d give it a try. Did you get any takers on the contest?????

  2. Gary Applegary on September 24, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Give it a try anyway, Sandy, a sketch, a doodle, half-frog, half-poodle… We’ll take it all! I have some ready to post but waiting on more frogginess to come my way! Hop on it, will ya?

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