You could be the proud owner of this Wacky Chocolate Identifier. (WCI, pronounced “wik-ee”)

 Let’s face it – whenever there’s a nice box of chocolates to share, you get a raw deal. Somebody always takes the most delectable truffles and leaves you the rock hard caramels.

 In years past, they had to sniff and snort at the chocolate or even bite off a corner to make sure they got exactly what they wanted. Now they just have to look inside the lid at the little directory provided.

How to foil the “Take the best chocolate snobs?” You could try to switch all the chocolates around.

 OR, you could use your WIKEE! Simply slip it inside the box top of your Russell Stover candies. Now your selfish friends have no clue what is what, or better yet, they decide they don’t want the chocolate at all. More for you! Hooray!

“How do I get one?” Send your mailing address to and while you will NOT be added to any annoying mailing lists, you WILL be send your very own complimentary WIKEE! (As I’m sure you will promise to recommend this site to anyone and everyone you come into contact with. Thanks!)

 Enjoy — Compliments of!


  • Take special note of the logo on one side of the WCI for, and visit the site often for interesting updates and fun for all ages.
  • Using a small amount of tape, inconspicuously secure the Wacky Chocolate Identifier inside the lid of the box of chocolates.
  • Watch for satisfying results. “You never know what you going to get.”


  Props to Wacky Packages for some of the inspiration behind this wackiness!

POSTED ON February 15, 2011 BY Gary Applegary

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