This is useful in the following situation:

It happened. You wish it hadn’t, but it did.

It was ugly. No getting around it. Bad stuff. Boo!

You’ve learned everything (if anything) possible you could from the “it” that happened.

You need to stop looking back. When you look back at it, guess what? It’s STILL ugly. You STILL wish it hadn’t happened.

Quit doing this to yourself. Plenty of fresh stuff will arise to annoy you, so let this go!

Can’t do it? Sure you can, if you blow it up!

Let’s light the fuse right now!

Yep, B.O.O.M! Wasn’t that a blast!

And just like that, it’s gone!

What is?


G. Applegary

POSTED ON February 21, 2011 BY Gary Applegary

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