So there you are… Driving down Interstate 85. The miles are limbering up. No, that’s not right. The miles are warming up. Hmm, no. The miles STRETCH on.. that’s it!

Where ARE you, anyway? Did you see a sign that said Greensboro? Did you see something gleaming, and a tall sign that looked a little unique? You’ve arrived! The Mack Truck World Headquarters, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Neato! Here’s what to see if you find yourself there. (And it’s the weekend, and the operation is closed down. WHO would do THAT?!  Well. Ahem.) MOVING ON..

At this point, I have to warn you, this complex has a quack team of security experts…

These highly trained guard-ducks can be bought off with a few crusts of bread. Then, tempted as you are to watch them feast, it’s time to move on past.

It’s almost funny how easy a parking spot is to find when there’s nobody working.

Hey, nice license plate! Hmm, does that say there’s a store inside?

Yes, it does. Now I’m really glad I came when it was CLOSED, d’oh! Well, at least I saved money. This explains why a lot of you didn’t get bulldog keychains, bracelets with your name on it, and bumper stickers from me. Sorry ’bout that. I truly am. No Mack Truck T-shirt for me either. (The real reason I’m sorry; you caught me.)

The mirrored headquarters building is a pretty interesting sight, I think..

I like how this photo turned out, now that I reflect on it. Well, we better move on, I think we may have ruffled those guards’ feathers. There’s a couple more things to see. How about a truck? After all, it is the Mack TRUCK Headquarters.

It’s a pretty big truck. And pretty shiny, too. They’re much less scary when they’re NOT moving, and you aren’t looking at them in your rearview mirror in shock. Nice truck. Niiiiiiice truck.

It goes without saying, (well, not really, now) that you wouldn’t particularly enjoy this view if the truck was moving. Or probably the next one. (Check out the reflection on the back of the mirror; it’s pretty neat!)

The most beautiful grille in the world? Could be. That’s a lot of chrome to polish. A high-maintenance grille. (Changing the subject): Hey, look – there’s a statue over there! Let’s go see it, and then pose by it, and then leave! (Did you see its reflection in the previous picture? Look again!)

This is Mack. Say hello! I hope you brought a big bronze milkbone.. No? OK, I said I would pose by him before we leave…

Here we are! That’s me on the left. Hope you enjoyed the visit. Next time we’ll come when they’re open – if we can find a parking spot. Roger that?

G. Applegary

POSTED ON November 24, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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