Isn’t it great we have teeth in our mouth?

Without them we’d say words like houth, louth, or spouth.

Brushing and brushing them might not be fun,

But what if we had no teeth? Not even one?

I know one fellow who wouldn’t do well- –

The inventor of gum, cause it just wouldn’t sell.

Hot dogs and hamburgers would be no fun to eat,

And corn on the cob wouldn’t be such a treat.

You couldn’t bite your nails- -I guess that wouldn’t matter,

But imagine being cold, with no teeth to chatter?

So no matter how tedious tooth brushing becomes,

Believe me, it has to beat brushing your gums!



You’ll soon have no teeth

If you eat only sweeth.


POSTED ON October 27, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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