WHAT is going on NOW?

I’m organizizizing, that’s what. (Hmm, no spell check? ha! I can get away with anything, even no capitalizing “HA!” Now it looks like the abbreviation for Hawaii, only it isn’t H-A, is it? But I’m getting off track here.)

So, what I’m doing is compiling alllllll the goofy little notes that I write to myself when I think of story ideas, wacky thoughts, whatever might happen to pop into my head. Eventually all these little scraps of paper accumulate everywhere. Then I fear a strong gust of wind will scatter them everywhere, and somebody will pick one up and say “WHAT the heck is THIS?!” 

I made a huge step toward preventing that, and organizing everything. Did I put it all into a notebook? Nope. Did I type it all into my computer? Not yet. No, I just gathered all the notes I could find and put ’em all in a Ziploc bag. Ha! Now I’m organized!

Oh, and I also put some stuff to scan and to add to my blog in a separate folder. (The Ziploc bag wasn’t big enough.)

The next step will be compiling all these things, and trying to make sense of it. Sometimes I look at a note and have NO IDEA what I was thinking when I wrote it. That makes me sad. At any rate, I should be adding some creative and zany posts as I sort through my Ziploc-File. Watch for updates!

What a clever filing system! (Blurry on purpose; I don’t want anyone stealing these wonderful concepts, hehe!) Now, you just stop rolling your eyes. Stop it, I say!

POSTED ON October 15, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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