I found this stuck in a folder, originally written in 1986 for my Literature & Composition class. I got an 87% on it, because it was lacking a refrain. Well, I just didn’t see that as working with this story, so forget the grade, I did it my way. Take that. Anyway, I dusted it off and gave it a little bit of editing, so I guess this is sort of a remix. (I have to say, the assignment was NOT to write a song, so why the heck did it need a refrain anyhow? OK, I’m letting… it…. go.) 


Well, I was minding my own business,

Just the way a good man should.

Yep, just minding my own business –

But what happened wasn’t good.

An angry man burst through the door,

And kicked me in the head!

I got up then I asked him,

“Was it something that I said?”

The man had already begun to leave,

And stopped right near the door.

As he began to come back toward me,

I thought he might kick me some more.

But with a wicked grin he said,

“Sorry ‘bout that, my friend.

My actions were uncalled for –

I just lose it now and then.”

“Why, everyone needs to blow off steam.”

I said to him, “That’s true.

So the next time I get really mad,

I’m gonna come looking for YOU.”

Well, his eyes kinda popped and he staggered back,

And he knocked a few books off the shelf.

He said, “Look, I promise, next time I’m mad,

I’ll keep it to myself.”

I said, “That’s great! It’s settled then.

Now don’t ever forget what you said.

Oh, there’s one more thing, before you go –

I owe you a KICK IN THE HEAD.”


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please do not kick others in the head. Or anywhere, for that matter. 

POSTED ON October 18, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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