The 14 year-old author of “Green Vs Purple”.. I LOVED that velour shirt! And the fine toupee!

Hope you enjoy! I didn’t seem to put a lot of work into the cover illustration, or illustrations in general, to be honest!  I can remember scrounging up, then using up, every green and purple felt tip marker I could find for this project. Hope it was worth the effort…

The Cover! I tried not to blow anybody away right away.. you have to lead up to these things…

NEXT came the credit page; I seemed to think this story needed it. As you can see, I gave myself quite a bit of credit.

To be honest, I really don’t remember the production or editing processes, or the copyrighting, for that matter. But hey, I DID dedicate it to baby brother! That was nice. Okay, on with THE STORY! (With limited interruptions.. OH! And subtitles! Oh boy!)

(Deep in the corner of the universe… There is a small planet known as Delta X2M.

This is planet Delta X2M. Half of the planet is green. The other half is purple.

On the green side live the Greens. On the purple side live the Purples.

The Greens are very happy.

The Purples are very happy. BUT….

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There’s always got to be a “BUT,” doesn’t there?

Purples hate Greens. And….. Greens hate Purples. This caused a lot of problems.


Sometimes a Purple would wander to the Green side of the planet. OR….

A Green might wander over to the Purple side.

The Greens would all throw things at the Purple on their side.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Naughty Greens! CLUNK!

The Green on the Purple side would get mean things done to him.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Naughty Purples, too! Sheesh!

POSTED ON September 1, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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