That’s right, Home of Superman. For realz!

As it happened, my brother and I were driving back from visiting my late great Grandma Oley in Belleville, Illinois. Darrell was thirsty, and just a tad sleepy. We decided to stop at the next exit for a Super Sized Giant Gulp of Pure Caffiene Cola for Darrell. As we pulled off the exit ramp, I noticed a small Superman logo, and something about the “World’s Largest Superman Statue.” 

Somehow, we had missed any signs, and I’m sure there must have been some, that told us we were approaching the town of Metropolis, Illinois. As you will see, they proudly claim Superman as their own. Now, on to the photos!

(Superman theme plays..)

This IS the "World's Largest Superman Statue." Yep.

Hilariously enough, the statue of a clerk at the Big John Supermarket is clearly taller than the "World's Largest Superman Statue."


Advantages: Height. Can bag groceries very quickly. No allergy to Kryptonite. Disadvantage: No real superpowers to speak of. Heat vision easily bores right through him.

(Photo used without the permission of my brother. Sorry, John!)

Now John is using Supe's favorite phone booth?!?!

Superman is NOT amused.

My take: Metropolis is Super-cool. Worth the visit. Bye, now!

POSTED ON September 23, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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