Hope you enjoy your visit!

I'm not quite sure what the address here is...

Hand-painted wall mural at "Chilitos -- Spices"

A close-up of this amazing and unique "fruits tree!"

You like apples?

The cool and retro Shell's Bar-B-Q.

Rumor has it they'll be repainting this a BRIGHT color...

I LIKE cake!

Had a blast here..

"We have, what you might say, a limited clientele.."

No joke, ants actually get in your computer and fix it.

One of the Computer Ants.




Old-timey coin operated ride outside the Dollar General.

I was supposed to be in this pic, but it pitched me off. Waste of a quarter!

The Froggled Freck; now closed. 🙁

Ye Olde Downtown Hickory

Ye Olde Hickory Theater

Old hand-painted signs.

Mural (with shadow, yay!) in the town square.

Thunderbird Theater (now Flea Market)

Thunderbird sign: Flip side

 Betcha almost feel like you’ve been here! Stay tuned for more photoblogues!

POSTED ON September 14, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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