Think about it. Neckties get sneezed on, straightened out in the restroom after… whatever… they get food spilled on them, drooled on, and what about your Doctor’s tie? Imagine the viral strains, bacterium, and molds making their home there! And yes, as much as we like to wash our hands and spritz alcohol based sanitizers on them every few minutes… how often do our ties get sanitized? What’s that? NEVER? Ugh! That could change, to the joy and health of tie-wearers and those who hug them or come in close proximity to their cruddy cravats.

Here’s a rough sketch of how the Sani-tie-zer works..

Okay, so you can see by the highly scientific rendering above, one simply has to throw a bunch of yucky ties into the dryer, add an anti-microbial dryer sheet, and let ’em go round and round a few cycles. The germs, bacteria, etc get dizzy then get decimated. Ties come out as promised, crisp and clean. Ta da!

POSTED ON August 23, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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