“Fancy Pants” is a silly and fanciful story of a free-spirited young man who is determined to dress for success. He meets challenges successfully, keeps a positive attitude, and in the end, nothing brings him down. You’ll feel like dancing when you’re finished reading “Fancy Pants!” The book is designed to have fun reading aloud, to yourself, or to your children. The whole family will enjoy the zany story with its zany rhymes and zany illustrations.

“Fancy Pants” is the first collaboration between Gary Applegary, author, and Matthew Pfahlert, illustrator, graphic artist extraordinaire, and owner and founder of Get A Clue Design. Matt and Gary had aspirations of being professional snowboarders…

… Or perhaps they were cut out to be successful male models…

… Those ships quickly sailed….

At any rate, the collaboration of Matthew and Gary as Illustrator and Author was destined to become something even bigger. Let’s look at some of the work, then move on to reading the story…

Here are some early concept shots from PFF. (“Project Fancy Pants.”)

Some concepts were discarded…

..Others blossomed into awesomeness..

Here are some sample illustrations from “Fancy Pants.” I think you’ll agree they’re simply brilliant! 

Hmmm…. Are 34-legged pants right for our hero?

Oh yeah, it WAS time for some new pants! I think we’ve all been there… well, not in HIS closet, of course.

This is McTweed; he’ll have the pants you need!

Author and illustrator agreed on a “seat of the pants” approach to the cover illustrations, with humorous effect!

At this point, you’re probably anxious to delve into the tale of the Fancy Pants. Read on, and encourage publishers and any contacts you might have to contact Mr. Applegary regarding putting “Fancy Pants” into immediate print and circulation, for the entire galaxy to enjoy!

Could there even be a MOVIE in the works?

Rest assured, Fancy Pants the story is NOT based on the above movie, but it was still funny to see in the TV guide.  Now get to reading FANCY PANTS! (See: Fancy Pants — The Actual Story!)

POSTED ON August 7, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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