Lil’ Gary

In 1976, a 7 year old goofball with a head full of silliness decided he would put pencil (remember those chunky ones with no erasers?) to paper (wide rule) and document his silliness in the form of poetry. Lil’ Gary was a fan of Dr. Seuss and iambic pentameter, even though he didn’t know what it was yet. Lil’ Gary liked to sit, think of a subject, any subject, and then write a poem about it. As a result, his notebook quickly swelled to 123 poems! (Lil’ Gary, for reasons unknown, saw fit to number each poem, as you will see below.) He also tested his hand at illustration by creating his own cover art, seen here:

As obvious as it was that Lil’ Gary had a promising future in illustration and design, his true passion was writing. So write he did. He wrote about “Going to a Park,” “Horses,” “Airplanes,” “Bridges,” “Skunks,” “Stores,” Carving,” “Shoes,” “Doctors,” “Fish,” “Mice,” “Crayons”.. well, you get the idea. At any rate, here are a few examples of his classics.



Could the 1974 Seals and Croft hit “Summer Breeze” have been the inspiration behind Lil Gary’s poem of the same title? Judge for yourself:

Finally, we learn much about Lil’ Gary from a couple of his more autobiographical pieces:

And did Lil’ Gary at age 7 possibly see a future in his writing? It seems quite possible..

Lil’ Gary is STILL waiting for this to happen, but it will one day. Meanwhile, Lil’ Gary’s writing style evolved, as we will soon see.

POSTED ON August 7, 2010 BY Gary Applegary

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