Bananas Bonanza!

By Gary Applegary | August 7, 2010 |

Chip and Zip have got some monkey business going on! Why, it’s bananas!

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Much of this story is a running dialogue between two silly monkeys. You’ll catch on.

Bananas Bonanza



Bananas bonanza!

I’m Zip. He’s Chip. We’re chimpanzees.

We swing on trees. Chip likes to tease.

I see Chip waving from his tree.

What’s he got? I’m going to see!

He has bananas! Many, many!

I have NO bananas. Not any.

I have bananas. You have none.

Here, Zip. I will give you one.

Thank you for the tasty treat!

Bananas are what I love to eat!

They ARE tasty, and good for you..

Come on, don’t stop at one – have two!

Boy, Chip’s sure being nice to me,

But I bet he won’t give me THREE!

Why, sure I will! I’ll give you more!

Here you go! Eat three! Eat FOUR!

I’ll gladly share this bonanza of mine!

Have five bananas! Six! And seven! Eight! Nine!

Thirteen! Fourteen! Have more, Zip!

Bananas from your buddy, Chip!

I never ate this much before,

But if he wants, I will eat more.

Have another

Nanner, brother.

Chew and swallow – –

More to follow.

Sharing sure is lots of fun!

Here, Zip! Twenty! Twenty-one!

You’re turning green; are you okay?

Enough bananas for one day?

You’ve only eaten thirty-four.

If you’re still hungry, I’ve got more.

I’ll eat all you’ve brought for me.

Thirty-five! Forty! FIFTY THREE!

I am so full; I don’t feel well,

But Chip’s the last one I will tell.

He’s tricked me too many times before.

Yes please, Chip, I would like more.

Give me sixty! Seventy-eight!

I love bananas! They are great!

I’m glad you like them! Have some more!

Here’s eighty-three! And eighty-four!

My tummy feels like it will pop.

But Chip will tease me – – I can’t stop.

I’ll just keep eating, on and on,

Till every last banana’s gone.

Keep going, Zip! You’re doing fine!

Ninety-seven! Ninety-eight! Ninety-nine!

One hundred bananas! That’s all I brought!

You’re finished, Zip – That’s all I’ve got.

I ate every banana that Chip had.

They are all gone. I feel bad.

Why, don’t feel bad, Zip – – That was fun!

Watching you eat every one!

My poor tummy. Something’s wrong.

See you later, Zip! So long!

I ate so much that I feel sick.

That sneaky Chip! That was his trick!

He knew I wouldn’t show bad manners,

And end up eating all his bananners.

Now I’m so full my tummy’s sore…

But Chip won’t trick ME anymore.

I’m sure that he will try and try.

But I will not be fooled. Not I.

Hey, Zip! What, Chip? Come to my tree…

There’s something here you’ll want to see.

Hmm. I will go and I will see…

But I will not be fooled. Not me.

Chip’s got a big bag over there.

I hope he doesn’t want to share.

Hello, Zip! See what I’ve got!

Have you ever had an apricot?

I don’t know, Chip… I forget.

But I do not feel like eating yet.

Try just one, Zip! They are so yummy!

Just one, Zip! There’s room in that tummy!

Okay, okay… Say! You are right!

They ARE good! Thank you! And, good night!

Wait, Zip… I’ve still got a lot!

Please have another apricot.

You’ve only had one, and they’re so small…..


(Yes, he tried to eat them ALL.)

Apricot. Apricots.

Lots and lots of apricots!

Sketchity-sketch concept of poor over-full Zip.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: You probably are wondering about GLORP! You probably wonder what THAT illustration will look like. The best I can tell you , is pick up a copy of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, turn to pages 52 and 53, and imagine a similar scene, only with yeller bannaner pretty much everywhere. Yuck! Glorps are rarely good.

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